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5 Effective Steps to Remove White Noise in Adobe Premiere Pro

Apr 4, 2024

Dealing with white noise in your videos can be frustrating and sometimes distracting, but fear not as Adobe Premiere Pro has got you covered. Whether it is a pesky hum or a disturbing hiss, read on to find out how to effortlessly remove white noise from your video recordings.

Step 1: Import and Prepare Video Footage
Start by importing your video footage into Adobe Premiere Pro. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping your video file onto the Project Panel or by selecting File > Import from the top menu bar. Once imported, create a new sequence by right-clicking on your clip and selecting New Sequence from Clip.

Step 2: Apply the Adaptive Noise Reduction Effect
To remove white noise, navigate to the Effects panel and search for Adaptive Noise Reduction. Apply this effect onto your video clip by simply dragging it onto your footage in the Timeline. Once applied, you can access the Effect Controls panel to customize the settings (optional).

Step 3: Customize Adaptive Noise Reduction Settings (Optional)
If you wish to fine-tune the noise reduction settings, expand Adaptive Noise Reduction in the Effect Controls panel. Here, you can modify the reduction amount, spectral decay rate, and other settings to optimize noise removal for your specific video footage.

Step 4: Preview the Result
After applying and customizing the effect, play your footage back to review the result. If you're still experiencing some white noise, you may need to adjust the settings in the Effect Controls panel further until the desired noise level is achieved.

Step 5: Export Your Video
Once you are satisfied with the result, you are ready to export your video. Go to File > Export > Media and select your desired video format and preset. Click Export to render your video with the improved audio.

With these easy steps, you are now equipped to effectively remove white noise With these easy steps, you are now equipped to effectively remove white noise from your Adobe Premiere Pro video projects, ensuring a more professional final product.

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