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Adding White Noise Sound to PowerPoint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Apr 4, 2024

When creating an engaging and informative presentation in PowerPoint, adding a white noise sound can be useful for various purposes. White noise can maintain concentration, create background ambiance, or provide a calming effect, among other benefits. Follow these simple steps to add white noise sound to your PowerPoint presentation effectively:

Step 1: Obtain a White Noise Sound File
First, you'll need to have a white noise sound file on your computer. If you don't already have one, there are various websites and applications to download or generate white noise, such as,, or

Step 2: Open Your PowerPoint Presentation
Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to add the white noise sound to and navigate to the slide where you'd like the sound to start.

Step 3: Insert Audio File
Go to the 'Insert' tab at the top of the PowerPoint window. Click on 'Audio' in the 'Media' group, and select 'Audio on My PC' or 'Audio Browser' (depending on your version). Locate the white noise sound file you've downloaded or created, select it, and click 'Insert.'

Step 4: Edit Audio Settings
After inserting the audio file on the slide, you may customize its settings, such as the playback type and volume. Click on the audio icon and navigate to the 'Playback' tab. In this menu, you can choose to have the white noise play In this menu, you can choose to have the white noise play automatically, loop until stopped, or play across multiple slides.

Step 5: Hide Audio Icon
If you don't want the audience to see the audio icon, simply check the 'Hide During Show' checkbox in the Playback tab.

Step 6: Test and Save Your Presentation
Play your presentation to ensure the white noise sound works correctly and adjust its settings if needed. After confirming everything is working as intended, save your PowerPoint presentation.

With these simple steps, your PowerPoint presentation is now equipped with white noise sound, enhancing your audience's experience during your presentation.

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