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Closing the Rift in White Noise 2: A Comprehensive Guide

May 17, 2024

White Noise 2, the popular 4vs1 horror investigation game, brings all-new mechanics for both the role of investigator and creature. One of the game's most critical and thrilling aspects is the concept of closing rifts as an investigator. In this article, we will provide an in-depth discussion about what closing the rift does in White Noise 2 and its significance in gameplay.

In White Noise 2, players either team up as investigators in search of clues or take on the role of the creature hunting them. The primary objective for investigators is to collect 8 tape recorders scattered throughout the map. These clues are hidden and often challenging to locate. In contrast, the creature's goal is to eliminate all investigators by locating and attacking them.

The rift, a glowing orb of white light, offers an essential strategy for both parties involved in this terrifying showdown. Rifts spawn throughout the level randomly and reveal the investigator's location to the creature. Therefore, rifts serve as a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can aid the creature in tracking investigators effortlessly, but on the other hand, if closed in time, the rifts provide various benefits to the investigators.

To close a rift, an investigator must approach and interact with it while emitting a beam of light from their flashlight at it. The investigator must maintain this interaction until the rift dissipates. When executed successfully, closing the rift confers several benefits such as:

  1. Concealment: By removing the rift, investigators prevent the creature from detecting their location, allowing them to progress in their search discreetly and safely.

  2. Health Recovery: Successfully closing a rift restores an investigator's health, especially beneficial if they have suffered an attack from the creature previously.

  3. Flashlight Charge: Closing a rift replenishes the flashlight's battery, a vital resource for instigating defense mechanisms against the creature.

  1. Stalling the Creature: Closing a rift interrupts the creature's tracking efforts and forces it to reevaluate its strategy, buying investigators more time to locate clues.

In conclusion, closing rifts is an integral element of White Noise 2's gameplay for investigators, as it provides vital advantages and opportunities throughout the game. By mastering the rift-closing technique, investigators can significantly enhance their likelihood of successfully completing their objectives and staying alive amidst the twists and turns of White Noise 2.

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