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Creating a White Noise Online Server on Steam: The Ultimate Guide

May 17, 2024

White Noise Online is a popular multiplayer horror game where players collaborate to investigate mysterious locations, find clues, and survive terrifying monsters that lurk in the dark. If you're a fan of White Noise Online, you may want to create a server on Steam where you and your friends can play together. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps for setting up a white noise online server on Steam.

Step 1: Install and Set up Steam
Before starting, make sure you have an active Steam account and that you've installed Steam on your computer. Once you've done that, sign in to your Steam account and download White Noise Online if you haven't already.

Step 2: Access White Noise Online Server Files
Navigate to your Steam Library and locate White Noise Online in your game list. Right-click the game and select Properties. Click on the Local Files tab and choose Browse Local Files. This will open the game folder where you can find the server files needed to create an online server.

Step 3: Configure Your Server
In the game folder, locate the file named 'server.cfg' and open it with a text editor such as Notepad++. Here, you can customize your server settings, like adjusting the maximum number of players, setting a server password, and more. Save the changes once you've customized the settings to your liking.

Step 4: Open Necessary Ports
To ensure that other players can join your server, you'll need to forward ports used by White Noise Online on your router. Typically, these ports are 7777 and 27015, but you can check the game's documentation for specifics. Consult your router's manual or visit the manufacturer's website for instructions on port forwarding.

Step 5: Launch the Server
Locate the file named 'WhiteNoise_Online_Server.bat' in the game folder and run it. This will launch the server, which will be visible on the White Noise Online public servers list. You can also share the server's IP address with friends if you'd like to keep it private.

Step 6: Play White Noise Online with Friends
Once your server is up and running, friends can search for it in the White Noise Online server browser and join using the parameters you set. Enjoy exploring haunted locations, solving eerie mysteries, and surviving against supernatural monsters together with your friends on your very own White Noise Online server on Steam.

By following these simple steps, you'll have a White Noise Online server up and running in no time, ensuring a thrilling multiplayer experience and the opportunity to create lasting memories with your fellow gamers.

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