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Creating Lofi White Noise in FL Studio: A Step-by-Step Guide

May 17, 2024

Lofi music is characterized by its low-fidelity sound, which makes it ideal for those looking to create nostalgic or atmospheric tracks. One of the key components of this genre is white noise, a sound that can be found in many classic and modern lofi tracks. In this article, we will teach you how to create your own lofi white noise using FL Studio, one of the most popular digital audio workstations in the market.

Step 1: Set up a new project
Launch FL Studio and create a new project. This will provide you with a blank canvas to begin crafting your lofi white noise.

Step 2: Add a noise generator plugin
FL Studio comes with several built-in plugin options for generating noise. To add one to your project, right-click on the channel rack, then navigate to 'Insert' and select 'Fruity Noise Generator' or '3x Osc'. These plugins will produce different types of noise, so feel free to experiment with both.

Step 3: Customize the noise
Once you have added a noise generator to your project, open its settings by clicking on the plugin icon in the channel rack. Adjust the parameters to create white noise, which is characterized by an even distribution of frequencies.

For Fruity Noise Generator:

  • Set the 'Noise Type' to 'White Noise'

  • Adjust the 'Volume' and 'Stereo' sliders as desired

For 3x Osc:

  • Turn off oscillators 2 and 3 by changing their 'CRS' values to zero

  • Set the 'Shape' of oscillator 1 to 'Noise'

  • Adjust the 'Volume' and 'Pan' sliders as desired

Step 4: Add lofi effects
To give your white noise a lofi touch, you will need to apply some effects. Among the most common lofi effects are bitcrushing, filtering, and reverb. To apply an effect, open the mixer by clicking on the 'Mixer' button, then route your noise generator to a mixer track by selecting the track's number on the plugin's settings window. Next, click on an empty 'Slot' in the mixer, and choose the desired effect from the 'Select' menu. Adjust the effect's settings as desired for the perfect lofi feel.

Step 5: Export the audio
If you are happy with your lofi white noise, you can export it as an audio file for use in your projects or for sharing with others. To do this, go to the 'File' menu, and click on 'Export'. Choose your desired format (such as .WAV or .MP3), select an output folder, and click 'Start'.

Now you have your very own lofi white noise, ready to be used in your music productions or as a background ambience. With this simple technique, you can easily replicate the nostalgic and atmospheric sounds of the lofi genre in FL Studio.

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