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Creating the Perfect White Noise Effect in FL Studio 12

May 17, 2024

White noise, often used as a versatile sound layer in music production, can be easily created in FL Studio 12. This popular digital audio workstation (DAW) offers multiple options for generating and manipulating white noise within your sound projects.

Before you start, make sure you have FL Studio 12 installed on your computer and open the program. To create the white noise effect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch a new instance of the Channel Rack: Begin by opening a new instance of 3xOsc. This is one of the default synthesizers available within FL Studio 12. Click the '+ button' at the bottom of the Channel Rack, and select '3xOsc' from the available options.

  2. Configure 3xOsc: By default, 3xOsc is set up as a basic sawtooth synth. To change it into a white noise generator, follow these steps:

    a. Turn off two of the oscillators: Each of the three knobs at the top of the 3xOsc window controls oscillator output volume. Turn down the second and third knobs all the way to zero, leaving only the first oscillator active.

    b. Switch the waveform to white noise: Click on the waveform button under the first volume knob (it will display 'Saw' by default). A dropdown menu appears, select 'Noise' from the available options. This changes the oscillator source to white noise.

  3. Shape Your White Noise: To create the perfect white noise effect, you will need an envelope, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Envelope / Instrument settings' tab in the 3xOsc window. From here, you can adjust attack, hold, decay, sustain, release, and filter settings to create various white noise textures.

  1. Add Effects: To further enhance the white noise, open the mixer by pressing F9 or clicking on the mixer icon, and assign 3xOsc to one of the mixer slots. Then, click on an empty effects slot and choose from a variety of effects available within FL Studio 12. Commonly used effects include reverb, delay, and compression.

  2. Automate and Arrange: With your white noise sound and effects ready, you can now add it to your project, automate its parameters, and sequence it using the piano roll and playlist in FL Studio 12.

By following these simple steps you have successfully created a white noise effect in FL Studio 12. Play around with its parameters and creative possibilities to add depth and character to your music production.

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