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Determining the Number of White Noise Hits in Danganronpa

Jan 23, 2024

If you're an avid Danganronpa player, you understand the importance of White Noise during the Nonstop Debates of the Class Trials. Successfully clearing out White Noise is crucial, as it helps reveal the correct answers and earn you more Monocoins. However, the game doesn't show you upfront how many White Noise lines you've hit, but there's a way to find out. By accessing the Report Card from the main menu, you can keep track of your progress and discover which White Noise lines you've hit through various milestones throughout the game. Additionally, you can keep track of your shots fired during the Nonstop Debates to have a rough estimate of your White Noise hits. With this information in hand, you can improve your skills and performance in the game.

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