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Discover the City Behind the Filming of White Noise

May 17, 2024

Have you ever wondered about the city where the supernatural thriller White Noise was filmed? Well, look no further! The movie was primarily shot in one of Canada's most beautiful and bustling cities – Vancouver, British Columbia. Directed by Geoffrey Sax and released in 2005, White Noise centers around a widower who gets drawn into the mysterious world of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) when he tries to communicate with his late wife. Starring Michael Keaton, the film earned a decent following among thrill-seekers and even spawned a 2007 sequel, White Noise: The Light.

Filming locations for White Noise included a variety of areas across Vancouver and the surrounding area. Some recognizable spots featured in the movie are Vancouver Public Library, Stanley Park, and Robson Square. The impressive architecture and stunning scenery truly lend themselves to the eerie atmosphere portrayed in this chilling supernatural thriller.

Vancouver is a popular destination for filming due to its versatile urban landscapes, relatively mild climate, diverse settings, and a thriving film production industry. The magnificent city has been a favorite shooting location for many other movies, television series, and commercials. It's no wonder filmmakers chose Vancouver to bring White Noise to the big screen.

Next time you're watching White Noise or revisiting the classic supernatural thriller, remember that the atmospheric cityscapes and captivating scenery you see on screen can be found in the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC.

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