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Effortlessly Play Continuous White Noise on Your Google Home Speaker

May 17, 2024

Google Home speakers have become popular smart home devices, assisting in everything from controlling lights to playing music. One function that users may find useful is its ability to play white noise, an essential tool for better sleep or concentration. With Google Home speakers, it's easy to play continuous white noise, and this article will provide simple steps to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Make sure your Google Home speaker is properly set up and connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Wake up your Google Home speaker. To do this, use the voice command Hey Google or Okay Google.

Step 3: Request white noise by saying, Hey Google, play white noise. Google Home speaker will begin playing white noise, ideal for falling asleep, relaxing, or concentrating.

Step 4: If you wish to play the white noise continuously without any interruption, use the command, Hey Google, play white noise for [desired duration]. For instance, you could say, Hey Google, play white noise for 8 hours, and the speaker will continue to play the sound for the specified duration.

Step 5: To stop the white noise at any time, just say, Hey Google, stop. Your speaker will immediately stop playing the noise.

Check out our Google Home white noise playlist feature to explore a variety of additional ambient sounds like rain, ocean waves, or even the hum of a fan. Enhance your sleep quality or improve your concentration levels with the convenience of your Google Home speaker.

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