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Eliminating White Noise From Mic Recordings Using Audacity

Jan 23, 2024

White noise – that constant, irritating background sound that riddles low-quality audio recordings – is the bane of any audio engineer, content creator, or podcaster's existence. Audacity, a free, open-source audio editing software, can be a lifesaver. With its Noise Reduction effect, users can quickly and easily remove pesky white noise from their microphone recordings. In essence, this process involves two major steps – selecting a noise profile and applying the Noise Reduction effect. To select a noise profile, isolate a section of your recording that consists solely of white noise and go to 'Effect > Noise Reduction > Get Noise Profile.' Afterward, to apply the Noise Reduction effect, simply select your whole audio track ('Ctrl+A' for Windows, 'Command+A' for Mac), go back to 'Effect > Noise Reduction', and click 'OK.' Customize settings to tailor the Noise Reduction effect, and remember that employing the right microphone and recording techniques can prevent white noise in the future.

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