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Eliminating White Noise in Audio Recordings Using FL Studio

Jan 23, 2024

Audio recording enthusiasts and professionals alike often encounter the irritating issue of white noise in their recordings. White noise, also known as background hiss, can degrade the quality of your tracks and distract your audience. Thankfully, there are several strategies for taking away white noise from your audio recordings in FL Studio.

  1. Configure Input levels: Take the time to set the appropriate input levels for your audio interface or preamp before you start recording. Ensure that your audio signal is strong enough without clipping, which can cause distortion. This way, you will minimize the amount of unwanted noise being captured in your recording.

  2. Use a Noise Gate: A noise gate is a plugin that can help you remove any constant background noise from your recording by lowering the volume of a sound source when it falls below a set threshold. In FL Studio, you can access a noise gate plugin under the 'Fruity Limiter' category. Make sure to adjust the threshold and attack/release settings for the best results.

  3. Utilize EQ: Equalization (EQ) allows you to manipulate frequency bands in your audio recordings to remove unwanted noise. Low-frequency hums can be removed using high-pass filters, while high-frequency hiss can be eliminated using low-pass filters. Be cautious not to overdo EQ, as it can adversely affect your audio quality.

  4. Direct your Microphone: Place the microphone strategically to avoid capturing extraneous noise sources in your recording environment. Point the microphone directly at the sound source and use a pop shield to reduce plosives and breath noise.

Invest in Quality Hardware: Invest in a good quality microphone, cables, and audio interface to minimize noise. It is advised to research the best options for your budget and purpose when buying essential recording gear.

  1. Add a Noise Reduction Plugin: FL Studio offers a variety of third-party noise-reduction plugins that can effectively remove white noise from your audio recordings. Some popular options amongst FL Studio users include iZotope RX, Waves X-Noise, and Accusonus ERA-N.

  2. Use Edison's Denoiser Tool: Edison is an audio editing tool native to FL Studio that is equipped with a denoiser function. Open the audio file in Edison, and set the denoiser parameters as per your requirements. This tool is particularly effective in reducing constant background noise without affecting the audio content.

Follow these guidelines to take away white noise from your audio recordings in FL Studio, and you will undoubtedly see a significant improvement in your audio quality. Happy recording!

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