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Eliminating White Noise in FL Studio: Step-by-Step Guide

Jan 23, 2024

When producing music in FL Studio, unwanted white noise can be a frustrating issue. This form of noise can occur for various reasons, including poor recording quality, low-quality samples, or audio plugins with built-in noise. Thankfully, there are several ways to eliminate white noise and improve the overall audio quality of your productions.

  1. Identify the source of the noise: To pinpoint which part of your project is causing the white noise, solo each track individually while listening for noise. Once you've narrowed down the problematic area(s), you can focus on addressing the issue with specific techniques and tools.

  2. Use a noise gate: A noise gate allows you to set a volume threshold below which all audio will be muted. This is an effective way to eliminate low-level background noise during silent or quieter parts of your track. A variety of noise gate plugins are available for use in FL Studio, including the built-in Fruity Limiter.

  3. Enable the denoising feature in Edison: Edison, the integrated audio editor in FL Studio, includes a powerful denoising feature to help remove unwanted noise from your recordings. To access this feature, open Edison, load the desired audio file, click the 'clean up / denoise' button (brush icon), and adjust the settings to achieve the desired level of noise reduction.

  4. Use an equalizer: EQ plugins can be used to mitigate unwanted frequencies, including white noise. With an equalizer, you can notch out specific elements that are contributing to the noise to clean up your audio.

  5. Check third-party plugins: Some audio plugins and virtual instruments produce built-in white noise as part of their sound design. Read the user manual for the plugin and check if there is an option to disable noise generation or reduce its volume.

  6. Use high-quality samples: Low-quality samples often have inherent noise, which can be difficult or impossible to remove entirely. To avoid these issues, invest in high-quality samples and presets for your productions.

Remember that white noise can sometimes be a natural part of the recording process, and completely eliminating all traces of it may not always be possible. Striking a balance where noise is not overly distracting, while still maintaining the character of your sounds, is key to achieving professional-grade results in FL Studio.

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