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Eliminating White Noise in NVIDIA ShadowPlay Recordings

Jan 23, 2024

NVIDIA ShadowPlay has become a popular choice for gamers to capture their gameplay moments. However, one common issue users encounter is the presence of white noise in the audio. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to remove white noise from ShadowPlay recordings, ensuring you have clear and noise-free audio to go with your videos.

  1. Lower your Microphone volume: White noise in ShadowPlay recordings can often be due to high microphone volume. Reduce your microphone volume in the Windows sound settings or the ShadowPlay settings, then test the audio quality in a new recording.

  2. Adjust Noise Suppression settings: ShadowPlay has a built-in noise suppression feature. You can access it by opening GeForce Experience, clicking on Settings, and enabling Noise Suppression under Audio settings.

  3. Use an external noise removal tool: If the built-in noise suppression isn't adequately removing the white noise, consider using external audio editing software like Audacity or Adobe Audition. Both tools have noise removal features that can effectively eliminate white noise from your audio recordings.

  4. Upgrade your microphone: Sometimes, the issue may lie with the microphone itself. Upgrading to a higher-quality microphone with noise-canceling features can significantly improve the quality of your audio captured during gameplay, reducing the appearance of white noise in your ShadowPlay recordings.

  5. Use a physical noise barrier: If you're recording in a noisy environment, a physical noise barrier like a pop filter or foam cover for your microphone can help limit the amount of background noise picked up during recording.

By following these steps, you can effectively remove white noise from your NVIDIA ShadowPlay recordings. As a result, your gameplay videos will be free from audio distractions, allowing users to focus on your stunning gameplay highlights.

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