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Eliminating White Noise in OBS Microphone Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

Jan 23, 2024

When utilizing the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for streaming or recording, microphone audio clarity is crucial for a professional and enjoyable user experience. White noise can often interfere with audio quality, leading to irritating background hissing sounds that can ruin your content. Thankfully, there are a few methods you can employ to get rid of white noise in your mic output on OBS.

  1. Adjust the Noise Gate Filter: OBS comes with built-in audio filters that can help eliminate white noise. Using the noise gate filter will allow you to set a specific noise level threshold, and any audio below this threshold will be silenced. To adjust the noise gate filter settings:
    a. Right-click on your mic source in OBS.
    b. Click 'Filters.'
    c. Click the '+' icon under 'Audio Filters.'
    d. Select 'Noise Gate.'
    e. Adjust the 'Close Threshold' and 'Open Threshold' sliders to find the optimal levels.

  2. Use the Noise Suppression Filter: The noise suppression filter in OBS helps to reduce persistent background noise, such as computer fans, air conditioners, or white noise itself. To set up the noise suppression filter:
    a. Follow steps a-c in the Noise Gate Filter instructions above.
    b. Select 'Noise Suppression.'
    c. Adjust the slider to find the optimal suppression level (a little trial and error may be required).

  3. Fine-tune Mic Sensitivity: Overly sensitive microphones can pick up excessive background noise. To adjust your mic sensitivity settings:
    a. Navigate to your computer's audio settings.
    b. Find the microphone properties and click 'Levels.'
    c. Adjust the 'Microphone Boost' slider to find the optimal level to minimize white/background noise yet retain desired audio input.

  4. Upgrade your Microphone: If you've tried all the above options, and you're still experiencing white noise issues, it might be time to invest in a higher-quality microphone. Look for reputable vendors with microphones designed for streaming or recording purposes. A quality microphone can make all the difference in your audio output.

By following these steps, you can ensure a crisp and clear audio quality on OBS with minimal white noise interference, leading to a more professional and enjoyable streaming or recording experience.

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