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Experience Relaxation with White Noise on Your Alexa Device

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Feb 15, 2024

There are days when you need to unwind, whether it’s to fall asleep, meditate, or just find a moment of solace during a busy day. White noise is a popular option to help people relax, focus, and sleep peacefully. If you own an Alexa-enabled device, you're in luck - playing white noise has never been easier. In this article, we'll take you through the steps on how to play white noise on Alexa.

Step 1: Enable a White Noise Skill

The first thing you need to do is enable a white noise skill for your Alexa device. There are several free and paid skills available that offer various types of white noise sounds. Some popular ones include:

  1. Sleep Sounds: White Noise by Voice Apps, LLC.

  2. White Noise by TMSOFT

  3. White Noise Ambient Sounds by Invoked Apps LLC

To enable a white noise skill:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

  2. Tap on the 'Menu' button (three horizontal lines) located at the top-left corner.

  3. Select 'Skills & Games' from the menu.

  4. Now, use the search bar to find the white noise skill of your choice (e.g., Sleep Sounds: White Noise).

  5. Tap on the skill, and then tap on 'Enable to Use' to add the skill to your device.

Step 2: Use Voice Commands to Play White Noise

Once you've enabled the skill, you can easily play white noise by using simple voice commands. Here are a few examples:

  1. Alexa, open White Noise.

  2. Alexa, start Sleep Sounds: White Noise.

  3. Alexa, play White Noise Ambient Sounds.

Each skill may have slightly different voice command requirements, so make sure to check the instructions in the skill's description page for specific voice commands.

Step 3: Customize Your White Noise Experience

Some white noise skills allow you to customize your experience by setting a sleep timer, looping a sound, or even combining multiple sounds. Here's how:

  1. To set a sleep timer, say "Alexa, set a sleep timer for [duration]." For example: "Alexa, set a sleep timer for 30 minutes."

  2. To loop the white noise sound, try saying, "Alexa, loop this sound" or "Alexa, play this sound continuously."

  3. To combine multiple sounds (if the skill supports it), say "Alexa, play [sound 1] and [sound 2]." For example: "Alexa, play rain and thunder sounds."

So now that you know how to play white noise on Alexa, you can transform your environment into a peaceful oasis and enjoy the soothing effects of white noise whenever you need it.

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