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Experiencing White Noise in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds: Causes and Solutions

Jan 23, 2024

Are you experiencing white noise while playing Totally Accurate Battlegrounds? This fan-favorite, goofy physics-based battle royale game can be incredibly immersive and entertaining, but hearing white noise in the background can be distracting and frustrating. The good news is that you're not alone, and there are a few reasons why this might be happening, as well as potential solutions to resolve the issue.

Possible Causes of White Noise:

  1. Game Audio Settings: It's possible that the white noise is generated by the game's audio settings themselves. Check the in-game audio settings and make sure that they're appropriately adjusted.
  2. Audio Driver Issues: Another probable cause is related to your computer's audio hardware or audio drivers. Make sure your drivers are up to date or try reinstalling them to resolve any compatibility issues.
  3. Background Applications: Occasionally, the white noise issue might occur due to other applications running in the background on your PC. In this case, it's worth checking if there's any interference coming from other apps.

Possible Solutions to White Noise:

  1. Adjust Game Audio Settings: Try experimenting with the audio settings within the game, such as turning down the volume of specific audio sources (music, sound effects, etc.) to see if this eliminates the white noise problem.
  2. Update or Reinstall Audio Drivers: Ensure that your computer's audio hardware and driver are up to date. If you're still experiencing white noise, you may want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling your audio drivers.
  3. Close Background Applications: Make sure that applications running in the background of your PC aren't causing interference. Close any unnecessary apps or programs and check if the white noise persists.
  4. Use Headphones or External Speakers: Sometimes, the issue may be tied to your computer's built-in speakers. Try using headphones or external speakers to see if that resolves the white noise problem.

In conclusion, experiencing white noise while playing Totally Accurate Battlegrounds can be frustrating, but it's often easily resolvable. Whether it's adjusting the game's audio settings, updating audio drivers, or eliminating background application interference, you can hopefully find a method to enjoy this battle royale game without any unwanted distractions.

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