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Exploring the Filming Locations of 'White Noise'

Apr 25, 2024

Discover the Cinematic Backdrop of 'White Noise'

'White Noise,' the supernatural thriller starring Michael Keaton, captivates audiences not just with its intriguing plot but also with its atmospheric filming locations. Primarily shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the film utilizes the region's diverse landscapes to enhance its eerie and suspenseful tone.

Key Locations

  1. Vancouver - The city's urban and suburban areas provide a modern backdrop synonymous with many North American-set films.

  2. Riverview Hospital - Located in Coquitlam, this site is prominent in the film, adding a crucial element of tension and foreboding.

The choice of Vancouver, with its mix of urban settings and expansive natural landscapes, contributes significantly to the film's dynamic and spooky atmosphere. This not only supports the film's narrative but also showcases the versatility of Canadian filming locations.

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