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Exploring the Spooky World of EVPs: A Deep Dive into the Movie White Noise

Jan 23, 2024

The 2005 psychological horror film White Noise has left audiences both intrigued and terrified. But what is the movie actually about? Directed by Geoffrey Sax and starring Michael Keaton, White Noise delves into the eerie world of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), the paranormal practice of capturing disembodied voices on electronic media. The film focuses on architect Jonathan Rivers (Keaton) whose life takes a chilling turn after his wife, Anna, tragically dies. Seeking solace, Rivers consults a psychic who claims to have received messages from Anna through EVP. Grief-stricken and desperate for answers, Rivers spirals into obsession as he tries to decode the cryptic messages and connect with his late wife. Cautionary tales lurking within the underlying theme of White Noise caution viewers about the dangers of immersing oneself too deeply into the paranormal and the consequences of letting grief consume them. With its intriguing blend of horror, mystery, and drama, White Noise is a film that will surely make you think twice about the things you see and hear on your electronic devices.

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