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Mastering White Noise 2: How to Use the Flame Effectively

May 17, 2024

If you're a fan of the popular video game White Noise 2, you already know that the intriguing gameplay and team-based action make it a truly addictive experience. One major challenge that a lot of players face in this asymmetrical horror game is figuring out the best strategies for survival. Among the many resources you can use in the game, the flame is crucial in ensuring a victorious match. In this article, we'll show you how to use the flame effectively to beat your opponents and rank higher in White Noise 2.

Understanding the Flame's Function

The flame is a light source in White Noise 2 that gives investigators a way to defend themselves against creatures. Creature players can't approach flames as they'll be blinded by the light and take damage from the heat. Typically, investigators rely on their flashlight's light to keep creatures at bay, but utilizing the flame efficiently offers additional protection and can make a significant difference in how your team performs in-game.

Location, Location, Location

To begin, you'll need to understand the most effective places to set up your flame. Ideally, you want to position the flame in strategic areas where your team is likely to be cornered. These locations often include dead-ends, tight corridors, or highly exposed areas. By setting up the flame in these critical spots, you can create safe zones for your team and limit the creature's movement.

Be Selective and Resourceful

Flames are limited resources, so it is essential to use them wisely. Be selective about where you place your flames to maximize their effectiveness. Don't waste them on areas that are easy to escape or have no strategic value. Remember that smarter flame placement will lead to a more successful game.

Using the Flame in a Pinch

While the flame is best used in strategically-selected areas, it can also be beneficial as a last line of defense for your team. If you're about to be captured, using your flame as a deterrent can buy your team precious seconds to escape. Be prepared to quickly place a flame between yourself and the creature when under attack.

Coordinate with Your Team

Communication is key, and in White Noise 2, teamwork makes all the difference. Make sure to discuss the locations of the flames with your team members and create a plan to ensure everyone knows where the flames are and what their roles are in protecting them. Establishing team unity will not only make using the flame more effective but will also create a more enjoyable gaming experience overall.

To sum up, mastering the use of the flame in White Noise 2 will significantly improve your chances of survival and give your team the upper hand against the relentless creatures. With practicing strategic placement, wise resource management, quick thinking during attacks, and team coordination, you will secure your path to victory and achieve top ranking in the game.

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