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Meet the New Rainbow Six Siege Operators: Operation White Noise Loadouts

Apr 5, 2024

Meet the Latest Additions to the Tactical Scene

Operation White Noise introduces a thrilling update to the Rainbow Six Siege team, adding new operators each with unique abilities and formidable loadouts designed to enhance your strategic gameplay. As players delve into the high-stakes world of tactical operations, understanding these new characters is crucial for team success.

Dokkaebi - The Hacker Extraordinaire

Hailing from South Korea, Dokkaebi, also known as Grace Nam, brings her expertise in technology disruption to the battlefield. Equipped with the Logic Bomb ability, she can hack into the opponent's devices, causing them to emit a loud noise that can give away their position.

Loadout Overview:

  • Primary: Mk 14 EBR (DMR) / SG-CQB (Shotgun)

  • Secondary: C75 Auto (SMG) / SMG-12 (Machine Pistol)

  • Gadgets: Smoke Grenades / Claymore

Vigil - The Stealth Operative

Vigil, the South Korean defender, excels in camouflage with his Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7) which makes him invisible to camera feeds and drones for a short period.

Loadout Details:

  • Primary: K1A (SMG) / BOSG.12.2 (Shotgun)

  • Secondary: C75 Auto (SMG) / SMG-12 (Machine Pistol)

  • Gadgets: Impact Grenade / Bulletproof Camera

Zofia - The Versatile Assaulter

Zofia Bosak, from Poland's GROM unit, is all about versatility with her KS79 Lifeline, a dual-mode grenade launcher that can fire both concussive and impact grenades.

Loadout Composition:

  • Primary: LMG-E (LMG) / M762 (Assault Rifle)

  • Secondary: RG15 (Handgun)

  • Gadgets: Breach Charge / Claymore


With these new operators, players have the opportunity to redefine their approach to each match in Rainbow Six Siege's Operation White Noise. Whether you're crafting the perfect ambush or coordinating a breach, the unique skills and loadouts of Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia are ready to be mastered. Dive into the action and discover the full potential of your new team members.

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