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Operation White Noise: The Season and Year of this Unique Event

Apr 5, 2024

Operation White Noise is a major addition to Rainbow Six Siege, the tactical shooter game released in 2015. This significant update arrived in the Winter of 2017, specifically in December. As part of the game's second year of content, it's known as Year 2 Season 4. As one of the most significant expansions for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation White Noise takes players to a new high-altitude map set in South Korea, introducing three new Operators and numerous gameplay improvements. The update enhanced the game's competitive aspect while adding fresh dynamics, keeping long-time players engaged and attracting new gamers to the community.

With the launch of Operation White Noise, Ubisoft continued to deliver on the promise of supporting Rainbow Six Siege for multiple years after its release, breaking away from traditional annual updates or sequels. This approach not only benefits long-term fans but also contributes to sustained positive growth for the game's dedicated player base.

In conclusion, for those wondering what year and season Operation White Noise is, it took place in December 2017 during the Winter season as Year 2 Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege. The expansion remains an important milestone for the continued success and longevity of the game.

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