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Release Date of Operation White Noise for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One

Apr 4, 2024

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a constantly evolving game, with regular updates and content releases to keep the player base engaged and excited. One such major event in the game's lifecycle was the arrival of Operation White Noise for Xbox One. This expansion marks the final installment of the Year Two content lineup for the popular tactical FPS, including the addition of new Operators, a map set in South Korea, and significant balance changes.

Operation White Noise officially released for Xbox One on December 5, 2017, marking a big moment for the game's development and community. As with previous Year Two expansions, the new content became instantly available to players who owned the Year Two Season Pass, giving them immediate access to everything Operation White Noise has to offer.

The launch of Operation White Noise introduced three new Operators to the Rainbow Six Siege roster: Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia. Dokkaebi and Vigil come from South Korea's 707th Special Mission Battalion, while Zofia hails from Poland's GROM unit. Each Operator brought unique abilities and tactics to the battlefield, adding new layers of strategy to the game.

The expansion also included the Mok Myeok Tower map, set atop a towering observation deck in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. This vertical playground provided players with a fresh environment to test their skills, and offered numerous opportunities for high-stakes shootouts and stealthy flanking maneuvers.

In addition to new Operators and a new map, Operation White Noise saw the implementation of numerous balance changes, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements. These tweaks, paired with the new content, freshened up the Rainbow Six Siege experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

While Operation White Noise is now in the past, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow and evolve on Xbox One, with new content and updates released consistently. The ever-expanding roster of Operators, maps, and gameplay improvements ensures the game remains a dynamic and engaging FPS experience for fans around the world.

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