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Removing White Noise from Live Microphone Recordings in FL Studio

Apr 5, 2024

One of the most common challenges faced by audio producers while recording live audio is the presence of white noise in their tracks. White noise is unwanted background noise that comes from different sources, such as electrical interference, fan noise, or poor room acoustics.
If you're using FL Studio to record live vocals or instruments, you probably want crisp and clean sound quality without any background distractions. Well, you're in luck! This article will discuss how to remove white noise This article will discuss how to remove white noise This article will discuss how to remove white noise live in a mic on FL Studio.

  1. Assess your recording environment:
    Before diving into the technical aspects, make sure to check your recording environment for any additional sources of noise. Identify any equipment that could cause interference and work on improving your room's acoustics, if necessary.

  2. Use a noise gate plugin:
    A noise gate plugin is an essential tool to eliminate white noise in a live recording. It works by cutting off the audio signal when it falls below a certain threshold, effectively silencing the background noise. FL Studio's native Parametric EQ 2 or Fruity Limiter plugins can be used as a versatile noise gate.

Here's how you can set up a noise gate using Fruity Limiter:

  • Open the mixer and assign your microphone input to a free mixer track.

  • On the mixer track's effect slot, insert the Fruity Limiter.

  • Change the plug-in's mode from 'Limit' to 'Noise Gate.'

  • Adjust the threshold knob to set the level at which the gate should start silencing the audio signal.

You can experiment with the attack, release, and sustain knobs to fine-tune the noise gate's response as per your specific recording.

  1. Use a noise reduction plugin:
    If the noise gate does not completely eliminate white noise, you can resort to a noise reduction plugin like Edison. This plugin comes in-built with FL Studio and helps remove white noise This plugin comes in-built with FL Studio and helps remove white noise by recording the noise profile and then automatically reducing it from the audio source.

To use Edison for noise reduction, follow these steps:

  • Assign your microphone input to a mixer track.

  • Insert the Edison plugin on the effect slot.

  • Press the record button on Edison and capture a sample of your white noise.

  • Select the noise sample in the waveform display and click on the clean-up button (depicted as a broom icon).

  • Choose the 'Acquire noise profile' option from the clean-up dialog box.

  • Now, record your audio source in Edison.

  • Once recorded, select the audio and click on the clean-up button again.

  • This time, choose the 'Remove noise' option and adjust the denoiser settings as needed.

  • Finally, drag the cleaned audio back into the FL Studio playlist for further processing.

Following these steps, you should be able to significantly reduce, if not entirely remove, white noise from live microphone recordings in FL Studio. Remember that the key to perfect audio recording lies in a balance between hardware and software solutions.

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