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Top White Noise Sources for Optimal EVP Recordings

May 17, 2024

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorders constantly search for undiscovered channels of communication. To do so effectively, they often rely on white noise. Here, we'll explore what white noise is, why it's valuable for EVP recordings, and discuss the best white noise sources for optimal EVP success.

What is White Noise?

White noise refers to a combination of all sound frequencies, created by blending sounds of varying wavelengths. The result is a constant 'shushing' sound that supposedly offers a background sound canvas for EVP devices to better detect subtle audio fluctuations.

Why is White Noise Important for EVP Recordings?

White noise is believed to act as a bridge for spirits or entities to communicate with those attempting to make contact. The steady background noise enables clearer EVP recordings, making it easier for users to sift through and analyze the data gathered.

Best Sources of White Noise for EVP Success

  1. Dedicated White Noise Machines: There are several machines and devices on the market designed specifically for generating white noise. Investing in a good quality machine will offer a consistent and controlled sound source, vital for effective EVP sessions.

  2. Radio Frequencies: Tuning a radio to an empty frequency creates static noise, which can be utilized as white noise during EVP recordings. Use a digital radio to avoid interference from nearby stations and adjust the volume to fit your requirements.

  3. Smartphone Apps: White noise apps Smartphone Apps: White noise apps are readily available for both Android and iPhone. Selecting a reliable and well-rated app will provide a portable and convenient source of white noise, easily operated from your phone during EVP sessions.

  1. Sound Files on Loop: Numerous websites offer downloadable white noise Sound Files on Loop: Numerous websites offer downloadable white noise sound files. By downloading and looping a high-quality sound file, you can create a continuous background noise suitable for EVP recordings.

  2. DIY White Noise: Creating your own unique white noise can be an exciting endeavor. Experiment with household items such as fans, air conditioning units, and vacuum cleaners, and layer the sounds to generate your own voice-carrying white noise.

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