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Troubleshooting the Marshall DSL40C White Noise Issue

Jan 23, 2024

Marshall DSL40C amps are known for their powerful sound and versatility, but some users have reported experiencing white noise while playing. This article aims to help you troubleshoot and identify the possible causes behind this issue so you can get back to enjoying your music without interference.


  1. Guitar pickups: If the noise disappears when you turn down the volume knob on your guitar, it may be because the pickups are highly sensitive and picking up external interference. Consider upgrading to noiseless pickups for a cleaner sound.

  2. Ground loop: A ground loop can occur when there are multiple paths for electrical signals to flow between grounded devices. To avoid this, ensure all your devices are using a single power source, or invest in a power conditioner.

  3. Poor-quality cables: Low-quality cables can result in unwanted noise interference. Upgrade to high-quality, shielded cables to minimize this issue.

  4. Tube issues: Marshall DSL40C amps use tubes, which can become noisy or cause microphonics as they age or fail. It might be time to replace the tubes if you observe a humming sound or noise when lightly tapping on them.

  5. Poor wiring/loose connections: Inspect your amp and guitar for any loose connections or frayed wiring that may be causing noise.

  6. Interference from other electronic sources: Try to avoid placing your amp near other electronics, such as computers or high-powered lighting, as these can cause interference.

  7. Amp settings: Experiment with your amp's gain and volume settings to see if the white noise can be minimized. Consider using a noise gate pedal to help reduce the noise during silent passages.

If you're still experiencing white noise after troubleshooting with these tips, it may be time to consult with a professional technician or contact Marshall customer support for further assistance.

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