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Understanding White Noise in FL Studio's 3x Osc

May 17, 2024

If you're an avid user of FL Studio, you might have noticed a change in the white noise feature with the 3x Osc. In the past, 3x Osc included white noise as one of their waveform options. However, with the latest versions of FL Studio, white noise has been removed in favor of dedicated noise generation plugins. In this article, we'll explore why this change was made, and how you can create white noise in FL Studio using other tools within FL Studio.

Why did FL Studio remove white noise Why did FL Studio remove white noise from the 3x Osc??

The main reason white noise was removed from the 3x Osc is that it was no longer necessary to have a dedicated white noise oscillator. This decision was made to simplify the 3x Osc interface and workflow while allowing users to achieve their desired noise through other means.

How can you create white noise in FL Studio now?

Despite the removal of the white noise waveform from the 3x Osc, there are still several ways to create white noise in FL Studio. The most effective methods are using the Fruity Noise Generator or the Fruity Waveshaper. These plugins allow users to create white noise and other noise types with ease, flexibility, and precision.

Fruity Noise Generator:

  1. Open a new channel in FL Studio and select the 'Fruity Noise Generator' plugin.

  2. Adjust the 'Amplitude' and 'Frequency' knobs to achieve the desired level of white noise.

  3. Use the built-in filter options to further shape the quality and tone of your white noise.

Fruity Waveshaper:

  1. Open a new channel in FL Studio and load a sine wave oscillator of your choice (e.g., GMS, Sytrus, etc.).

  2. Add the 'Fruity Waveshaper' plugin as an effect insert on the channel.

  3. In the Waveshaper interface, adjust the curve to create a flat line across the grid.

  4. Adjust the pre- and post-amplification levels to create the desired amount of white noise.

These two methods not only create white noise but also allow users to further customize their noise to fit their project needs. Now that you have multiple tools to generate noise, it is easier than ever to create the perfect soundscape in FL Studio.

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