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Unlocking Communication in White Noise 2: A Guide on How to Chat

May 17, 2024

Gaming is more fun when you can communicate with others, especially in a multiplayer experience like White Noise 2. This asymmetrical horror title hinges on teamwork, as a group of investigators uses clues and tools strategically to overcome horrifying creatures that want nothing more than to rid them from their world. As a player, finding your friends (and warning them about impending doom) is easy with White Noise 2's in-game chat feature. This article will walk you through the easy steps for setting up and using chat in White Noise 2.

Step 1: Configuring Your Settings
Before jumping into a game, make sure you adjust your settings in the game's main menu. Navigate to the 'Options' tab and from there, head to 'Audio Settings.' Ensure that both 'Voice Chat' and 'Push to Talk' options are enabled. This will allow you to both hear other players as well as communicate with them.

Step 2: Push-to-Talk Controls
By default, the keybinding for Push-to-Talk should be 'T' or on consoles, the 'Right Bumper' (RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation). Press this key or button while speaking into your microphone to transmit your voice to your teammates. To change the default key, navigate to 'Controls' in the 'Options' tab, and find the 'Push to Talk' setting. Click on it, and press the new key or button you would like to set as your voice chat trigger.

Step 3: Using the In-Game Chat
After configuring your settings and keybindings, you can now begin chatting with other players in White Noise 2. In a match, simply press your designated push-to-talk key/button and speak into your microphone. Your teammates should be able to hear and respond to your calls for assistance, strategy, or even just general banter.

Step 4: Toggle Mute
If you find yourself in a game with unwelcome voices or background noise from other players, you can quickly mute them. To do this, access the player list by pressing 'Tab' (PC) or the 'Back' button (Consoles), navigate to the player you wish to mute, and select their name to toggle the mute option. This will silence their voice chat for you, allowing you to focus on the game without distractions.

Remember that effective communication can be crucial in White Noise 2, as a tense and strategic horror experience. Ensuring your setup for clear and efficient voice chat can lead to more enjoyable gameplay for everyone involved. So, grab your headphones, tweak your settings, and prepare to join the unsettling world of White Noise 2 with newfound confidence in your communication skills.

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