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Unlocking White Noise Operators Early in Rainbow Six Siege

Apr 4, 2024

Rainbow Six Siege enthusiasts have often pondered how some players have managed to access the White Noise operators ahead of the scheduled release. The key lies in a special season pass that grants exclusive benefits.

Rainbow Six Siege introduced the White Noise update in December 2017, featuring three new operators: Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia. As Operator access is released in stages, it's natural for eager fans to wonder how some players have seemingly jumped ahead.

The secret is the Year 2 Season Pass – a purchase that comes with several bonuses, including an exclusive 7-day early access to all eight new operators released during the year. Availability to non-pass holders is staggered across the seven days following this initial release. When the time comes, players without a season pass can unlock these operators using Renown or R6 credits.

Besides early access to new operators, the Year 2 Season Pass provides other rewards such as a permanent Renown boost, a unique customization set, and a 10% in-game shop discount, among others. Rainbow Six Siege fans who are keen on exploring new content earlier than the rest should consider investing in the season pass to gain an edge over fellow players.

Although the White Noise update has long passed, this information remains relevant for future updates. The season pass model is a recurring system in which early access opportunities extend to new content released throughout a given year.

In conclusion, the mystery behind early access to White Noise operators – and other fresh content – in Rainbow Six Siege can be attributed to the Year 2 Season Pass. Dedicated players should keep an eye out for opportunities to gain early access and other exclusive perks via future season passes.

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