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Unlocking White Noise Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

Apr 5, 2024

Rainbow Six Siege, the popular tactical first-person shooter game, offers players a variety of unique operators to choose from when forming their team. One particular group of interest are the White Noise operators, who come with a customizable set of skills and abilities. Throughout this article, we will guide you on when you can obtain the White Noise operators and how to unlock them effectively.

Rainbow Six Siege releases its content in seasons, and the White Noise operators were initially introduced during the game's Year 2 Season 4. Despite the operators being part of that particular season, newcomers can still acquire them easily. To do so, simply follow the three methods outlined below:

  1. Renown Points: Whenever you play Rainbow Six Siege, you will earn Renown points, which serve as the in-game currency. Collecting a substantial amount will allow you to unlock White Noise operators using these points. Each White Noise operator—Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia—have a price of 25,000 Renown points to unlock.

  2. R6 Credits: Alternatively, you can use Rainbow Six Siege's premium currency, R6 Credits, to gain access to White Noise operators. These credits are available for purchase with real-world money in various amounts and can be used to unlock all three operators at a price of 600 R6 Credits each.

  3. Year 2 Pass (Legacy Edition): For a limited time, Ubisoft may bring back the Year 2 Pass in a Legacy Edition, which would grant access to all Year 2 operators, including the White Noise trio. While this may not always be available, it is worth checking first, as it can save you time and Renown points.

In conclusion, obtaining White Noise operators in Rainbow Six Siege is possible even after their initial release. By following these methods, you can expand your operator roster and refine your customized team to dominate the game. So, unlock the White Noise operators today and enjoy the unique abilities they bring to the field!

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