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Unraveling the Mystery of White Noise Movie

Jan 23, 2024

Have you ever heard of the phrase 'white noise' and wondered what it could possibly mean in the context of a movie? The 2005 supernatural thriller ‘White Noise’ explores an eerie phenomenon called Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), where the voices of the dead are supposedly caught on electronic devices. Starring Michael Keaton as the protagonist, the movie follows his character as he communicates with his dead wife using EVP. As the plot unfolds, the protagonist and his newfound friends delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding EVP, tangling with other malevolent spirits in the process. Although the white noise in the movie is mostly negative and unsettling, real-life white noise has been found to be of great help to many – from aiding sleep to enhancing focus. This website is dedicated to white noise, its usage, benefits, and the science behind it.

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