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Unveiling the Ohio Filming Locations of White Noise

Jan 23, 2024

The eerie thriller, White Noise, directed by Geoffrey Sax, has garnered attention not only for its thrilling plot, but also for its unique filming locations in Ohio. While many scenes were shot in Vancouver, several crucial parts of the movie were indeed filmed in the Buckeye State. Discover the Ohio locales that took center stage in this haunting film.

One standout Ohio filming location featured in White Noise is Eastern State Hospital in Athens County. This sprawling, abandoned asylum provided the perfect backdrop for the movie's ghostly, unsettling atmosphere. The asylum's crumbling buildings and rusting fences lend an authentic air of decay to the film and served as a central location for many key scenes.

Another noteworthy filming location in Ohio is Hocking Hills State Park, a natural wonder well-known for its towering sandstone cliffs, deep gorges, and stunning waterfalls. The majestic beauty of the park added depth to the film's visual appeal and served as a striking contrast to the dank, foreboding interiors of the asylum. The park appeared in several scenes, including an intense foot chase and a dramatic confrontation between characters.

A lesser-known site used to capture the eerie tone of the film is the now-demolished Grafton Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. This once-grand hotel, which was already in a state of disrepair by the time of filming, was able to offer an otherworldly setting, amplifying the tension and unease felt by the characters and audience alike.

While it's true that much of White Noise was shot in Vancouver, it's the memorable Ohio locations that gave this chilling thriller its unique sense of place. From the spooky confines of Eastern State Hospital, to the breathtaking beauty of Hocking Hills State Park, and the long-lost Grafton Cleveland Hotel, these Ohio locations will forever be part of the haunting allure of White Noise.

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