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Why Is My Guitar Producing White Noise When Connected to an Amp?

May 17, 2024

Experiencing white noise while your guitar is connected to the amplifier can be a common issue for many guitarists. Understanding the root causes can help you troubleshoot and fix the unwanted static, hiss, or hum. Here are some potential culprits and solutions that you might find helpful.

Grounding Problems

One of the most frequent sources of white noise is a grounding issue. Make sure all connectors are properly secured, and there are no loose grounds in the guitar or amp.

Faulty Equipment

Damaged cables, jacks, or internal wiring within the guitar or amp can introduce white noise. Regularly inspect your equipment for signs of wear and tear.


External interference from nearby electronic devices, such as radios, phones, and fluorescent lights can cause signal noise. Try to isolate your setup from these potential interference sources.

Gain Settings

High gain settings on your amp can amplify not just the guitar signal, but any background noise as well. Adjusting these settings may reduce the white noise presence.

Pickup Issues

Guitar pickups can be sensitive to electromagnetic interference or may become noisy as they age. Shielding the pickup cavity or considering a pickup replacement might be beneficial.

Aging Tubes

If you are using a tube amp, old or failing tubes can generate additional noise. Regularly checking and replacing these tubes can ensure the clearest sound.

Power Supply Quality

Fluctuations or inconsistencies in the power supply can create noise. Using a power conditioner may help to stabilize the electricity being supplied to your gear.

By systematically addressing each of these aspects, you can minimize or eliminate the white noise coming from your guitar when connected to an amplifier. For more in-depth guides and troubleshooting assistance, visit our Brown Noise website.

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